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Blue Mount Harmony Green Water Conditioner 3000

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Scale formation has been a problem for many industries and homeowners. To address these challenges, Bluemount Appliances introduces the Bluemount water conditioner, a magnetic water softening solution. Free from harmful chemicals, the magnetic water conditioner by Bluemount eliminates the risk of scale formation on pipelines and bathroom fittings by restructuring the molecular structure of water.



Safety Assured

Safety Assured

Steel Protection

Steel Protection

Digital Display System

India's first intelligent LED Display System. It has the ability to auto stop purifier in case of any leakage or overflow and indicates about the error in real-time. The computer controlled LED has a time based filter change indicator, hence you never have to worry about when to change the filters, it will inform you automatically.


Expert Support:

Blue Mount helps you get your product installed by trained and experienced professionals. We provide you the best possible support from the people who have been working in the industry and addressing the challenges for decades.

Simple Process:

Installation of the Blue Mount water conditioner is simple. From installation to cleaning, nothing takes too much of time, but our professionals never rush. Our experts ensure perfect and flawless job at each visit.

Tests & Certifications

Guaranteed Satisfaction:

Like all the other Bluemount products, iron removers are tested for quality and durability. Our team of expert researchers, engineers and design strategists are working relentlessly to deliver the best possible solutions for your iron removal needs.

Know More About The Blue Mount Water Softeners

Know Your Product:

The Blue Mount Water Softeners are designed to treat hard water to make it soft. The product range includes three models that cater to unique needs of our customers. From homes to industries, the water softeners work flawlessly according to your needs.

Reasons To Choose Blue Mount Water Conditioner

No More Scale Formation:

Do you see scale appearing on or around your bathroom fittings or pipelines? Are you worried about high energy and maintenance bills due to hard water? Do your taps, dishwashers, washing machine and geyser need frequent repairs? If yes, then the Bluemount water conditioner is the perfect solution for all your needs.

Spend Less On Shampoo, Detergents And Soaps:

Do you see insufficient lather forming in washing and bath applications? Do you struggle to get more lather from your shampoos, soaps and detergents? The water you get at your home is causing these problems. But, now with the Bluemount water conditioner, your problems can go away with ease.

Stylish Hair And Healthy Skin:

Your skin can be damaged due to the use of hard water. The impurities can harm your hair and the dryness and roughness can lead to several skin problems and baldness. The Bluemount water conditioner comes as the most efficient solution for all these problems and can be easily installed at your home.

We Care For Your Fabrics:

Now you can simply say good bye to the unwanted scum. With the Bluemount water conditioner, you get soft water that is free from lime scale and does not damage the colors and fabrics of your favourite apparels.

Zero Maintenance Cost And Low Energy Bills:

Your water can be the reason why you keep calling your plumber to fix the pipelines. You may have already replaced some of the expensive bathroom fittings due to scale formation around them. The Bluemount water conditioner saves you a lot on all these unexpected expenses. The compact sized product efficiently treats water, lowers down your bills and effectively reduces the maintenance cost.

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