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Blue Mount Harmony water softener 3000

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The Bluemount Water Softeners make life easier by converting hard water into soft. One of the most reliable innovations by Bluemount Appliances, the Water Softeners effectively eliminate the risk of limescaling on bathroom fittings, pipelines, utensils and other appliances.The soft water you get from the Bluemount Water Softener gives you smooth, shiny skin and hair. The product also improves the efficiency of water heating and saves you money. The Bluemount water softeners help prolong the life of your appliances, taps, showers, clothes and industry machineries without making you spend a lot.



Safety Assured

Safety Assured

Digital Display System

India's first intelligent LED Display System. It has the ability to auto stop purifier in case of any leakage or overflow and indicates about the error in real-time. The computer controlled LED has a time based filter change indicator, hence you never have to worry about when to change the filters, it will inform you automatically.

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Reasons To Choose Blue Mount Water Softener

100% Safe For Everyone:

Away from harmful chemicals and other elements, the Bluemount water softeners are the ideal solutions for any home and industries that use water. The components, body parts and fittings are completely safe and can be operated by anyone.

Don't Let Your Fabrics Die:

The white scum on your favourite dress not only affects your impression, but it also kills the color and quality of the fabric. Hard water badly damages your clothes and softened water is the only solution you can adopt to protect that wardrobe.

High Quality, Best Price:

Each water softener is designed to last long. Bluemount also provides 10 years warranty* on the product to keep you covered always. Available at very competitive price, the Bluemount Water softener is an ideal solution for all.

Low Energy And Maintenance Bills:

Why pay more when you can reduce electricity bills by installing the Bluemount water softener. The non-electric product helps you save you more on energy bills by keeping your appliances scale free. Soft water also gets heated quickly, meaning that you save more on water heating systems.

No More Chocking Of Pipes And Appliances:

Do you see encrustation around geyser, taps, pipelines, dishwashers, and utensils? Are your energy bills higher than anyone in the other parts of your area? If yes, then the Blue Mount water softener is a must have product for you.

No More Compromise With Skin And Hair:

A shower in hard water can make your skin, hair dry and rough. Regular use of such water may cause lasting damages to your skin which may turn into allergies, rashes and skin infection. This roughness and dryness of hair can result in hair fall and baldness as well. A water softener comes as an ideal solution for your family.

Say Goodbye To Poor Lather Forming:

Do you see insufficient lather forming in bath and washing applications? Do your shampoos, soaps and detergents not form enough lather? The hard water at your home is causing these problems, and can be treated with the Bluemount water softener effectively.

Softening Techniques


The cleaning of vessel is really easy and simple. Whenever the resin needs regeneration, the smart display system notifies you so you can flush out the impurities with salt water.


The water softener works with the help of ion-exchange method. The media used in the water softener is in form of food-grade resin beads. These elements are microscopic beads that catch excessive amount of calcium and magnesium ions.


Expert Support:

Blue Mount helps you get your product installed by trained and experienced professionals. We provide you the best possible support from the people who have been working in the industry and addressing the challenges for decades.

Simple Process:

Installation of the Blue Mount water conditioner is simple. From installation to cleaning, nothing takes too much of time, but our professionals never rush. Our experts ensure perfect and flawless job at each visit.

Tests & Certifications

Guaranteed Satisfaction:

Like all the other Bluemount products, iron removers are tested for quality and durability. Our team of expert researchers, engineers and design strategists are working relentlessly to deliver the best possible solutions for your iron removal needs.

Know More About The Blue Mount Water Softeners

Know Your Product:

The Blue Mount Water Softeners are designed to treat hard water to make it soft. The product range includes three models that cater to unique needs of our customers. From homes to industries, the water softeners work flawlessly according to your needs.

Multifunctional Valve:

The valve mounted on the head of the vessel can perform multiple tasks to help the system work flawlessly. You can simply switch between the modes according to your specific needs. The valve connects input and output ports and also provides scope for cleaning.

Salt Water Tank:

A salt water tank helps the user clean the vessel. User can simply connect the tank with the vessel to start cleaning. By choosing the cleaning mode through valve, users can easily fill the vessel with salt water to keep the resin active.

The Vessel:

The major part of the water softener is a vessel. The cylindrical shaped vessel contains the media that purifies water effectively.

Smart Notification System

Smart Notification System:

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