Water Demineralization Plant (DM)

Blue Mount Industrial RO + DM Plant 40 LPH Water Purifier

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Industries like healthcare, electronics and pharmaceutical companies require purest form of water which can only be achieved through a demineralization plant. It makes sure that no dissolved solids can sneak into water. For this purpose, Blue Mount has introduced a DM Plant that works effectively in providing the best possible solution in a cost-effective way. The water available on earth contains many dissolved salts, chemicals that include cations of sodium including calcium, copper and iron. Normal water also contains anions such as chlorides, nitrates and sulphates. As a result, these dissolved chemicals create blockage in boiler tubes and also form layers in cooling towers reducing the efficiency of work and equipment. The deionization or demineralization process is completely based on safe ion exchange method where the salt-free water can be provided through cationic and anionic resin beds. As a result, the purest form of water comes out, meaning that you get the right composition of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions in the water with the Blue Mount DM Plant.



Multi-Stage Purification

Multi-Stage Purification

Safety Assured

Safety Assured


Digital Display System

India's first intelligent LED Display System. It has the ability to auto stop purifier in case of any leakage or overflow and indicates about the error in real-time. The computer controlled LED has a time based filter change indicator, hence you never have to worry about when to change the filters, it will inform you automatically.



Blue & White


43.9 (H) X 24 (W) X 20 (L)

Operating Voltage:

24 Volt (DC)


Online RO Purifier with Ino-Exchange

Purification Capacity:

Upto 40 Litres/Hour


Sediment, Activated Carbon, RO

Installation Type:

Floor Top


Fully Covered



Membrane Type:

Thin Film Composite

No. of Membrane:


Input Voltage:

180-230 Volt AC (50 Hz)

UV Lamp Power:

11 W

RO Filter Life:

Approx 6000 Litres OR 1 Year

Filters' Life:

Approx 6000 Litres OR 1 Year

Min. Inlet Pressure / Temp:

0.3 Kg/cm2, 10?C

Max. Inlet Pressure / Temp:

3.5 Kg/cm2, 35 Degree Celcius

Vessel Dia (cm):


Vessel Height (cm):


Recovery Rate:

More than 30% at 27?C

Output TDS Rejection:


Ionic Rejection:

More than 99%

Helpline Number:



Suitable for Purification of Brackish/Tap/Municipal Water

Max Duty Cycle:

Upto 240 Litres/Day

Power Consumption:

100 W

Storage Technology:

Demineralised Water

Max. Operating Feed Water TDS:

2000 PPM

UV Life:

Approx 5200 Litres OR 1 Year

Max. Vessel Operating Pressure:

10 Bar

Material of Construction:

Powder Coated Sheet Metal

Pipe Line Size (In/Out):

3/8 inch, 3/4 inch

Super Charge Resin (0.3 to 0.5mm):

12 Litres

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