Alkaline RO + UF + LED Display (Domestic)

Blue Mount I Gold Alkaline RO+UF+ LED display water Purifier

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Alkaline RO and UF purification technology provides purification by Alkaline RO combined with alkaline + Carbon + Sediments filter equipped with LED Display. The carbon and sediments filter remove both suspended and chemical impurities such as chlorine, pesticides and various organic chemicals. It's state-of-the-art Alkaline filter and RO Membrane collectively purify water while the Anti-Oxidant Alkaline filter makes water anti-oxidant alkaline by maintaining the pH level (7 -8.5), reducing ORP value (-250 to -50) and enhance minerals essential for human body. Ultraviolet sterilization is useful for targeted elimination of microbes.


Digital Display System

India's first intelligent LED Display System. It has the ability to auto stop purifier in case of any leakage or overflow and indicates about the error in real-time. The computer controlled LED has a time based filter change indicator, hence you never have to worry about when to change the filters, it will inform you automatically.

Filter On/Off soft tuch button Active Indicator on HR MIN Timer Setting button Filter Life Indicators carbon sediment alkaline Display Of Customer Care Care: +91 11 49 49 1515 Digital Clock Running RO Indicator Auto Flushing Process Auto Flush Low Pressure Indicator Low Pressure Full Tank Indication Full Error Indication Error
  • Filter On/Off soft tuch button:

    A handy on and off button, which helps to increase life of the filter and also saves power. It is advisable to switch off the power button when the purifier will not be used for a long duration. Do remember to switch on the button before using the purifier again.

  • Timer setting button

    These button are to setup the digital clock in the purifier.

  • Filter Life Indicators

    Constantly senses and indicates the life of filters and indicates any defects.

  • Display Of Customer Care

    There is a permanent display of customer care number. User can easily call whenever they feel there is any fault and make an instant complaint.

  • Digital Clock

    A beautiful clock in the purifier which shows accurate time as per your time zone. Very helpful for a person working in kitchen area and multitask.

  • Running RO Indicator

    The dotted circle, indicates working of RO System.

  • Auto Flushing Process

    The purifier automatically flushes the RO membrane for 30sec each time of start and stop. It helps increase the life of RO.

  • Low Pressure Indicator

    Illuminated if there is any shortage of water in input and is easy to identify this fault.

  • Full Tank Indication

    Illuminates and indicates that the tank is full and the user doesn't need to keep checking the level of water in storage.

  • Error Indication

    It blinks when there is any fault related to the non-working of LPS, auto flush and filter life.



White & Gold


21.1 (H) X 9.9 (W) X 16.7 (L)

Operating Voltage:

24 Volt (DC)


Alkaline RO + UF + LED Display

Purification Capacity:

Upto 18 Litres/Hour


12 Litres


Sediment, Activated Carbon, RO, Antioxidant Alkaline, UF

Installation Type:

Wall Mounted


Fully Covered



Membrane Type:

Thin Film Composite

No. of Membrane:


Input Voltage:

100-300 Volt AC (50 Hz)

RO Filter Life:

Approx 6000 Litres OR 1 Year

Filter Life:

Approx 6000 Litres OR 1 Year

Min. Inlet Pressure / Temp:

0.3 Kg/cm2, 10?C

Max. Inlet Pressure / Temp:

3.5 Kg/cm2, 35?C

Recovery Rate:

More than 30% at 27?C

Output TDS Rejection %:


% Ionic Rejection:

More than 96%

Helpline Number:



Suitable for Purification of Brackish/Tap/Municipal Water

Max Duty Cycle:

Upto 100 Litres/Day

Power Consumption:

50 W

Storage Technology:

Normal Water

Max. Operating Feed Water TDS:

2000 PPM

No. of Taps:


Blue Mount RO

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