Why you need a Blue Mount water purifier?

Drinking water has always been a necessity. But with changing times, lifestyle and eating habits it is important to appreciate the need of eating healthy food and drinking not just any water but healthy water.

Blue Mount water purifiers with their advanced technologies provide the healthiest water which is suitable for all. Water which has no calories, infused with the most essential minerals and clean to its purest form. Here are some direct benefits of consuming Blue Mount water.

Below are some direct benifits you will get

Sabse Pure. Sabse Healthy.

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Safe for the mother and baby

One of the greatest threats to the health of a baby in utero is a condition known as Oligohydramnios, which means reduced amniotic fluid. This condition affects 2.3% of pregnant women and it has been estimated that approximately 11% - 38% of pregnant women suffer from constipation which in turn harms the baby. Drinking raw/ impure water during pregnancy may cause miscarriage, birth defects, and lower birth weights.

A regular intake of Blue Mount water which has amniotic fluid and other essential minerals is necessary to avoid constipation and other complications and for healthy development of the fetus and the new born baby.

Physical Exercise

Maintain energy levels and improve results

It is well known that exercising increases core body temperature especially if the body is dehydrated. An elevated core temperature can significantly impede performance and after long may ultimately lead to heat stroke and fatigue. In short, adequate amount of water with minerals during training is important for a successful workout.

Drinking water purified by Blue Mount RO before and during exercise reduces physiological strain, keeps body well hydrated and supply oxygen and minerals, leading to improved endurance capacity of almost 23%.


Maintain body's water balance and increase longevity

Our water is recommended by many doctors as water makes up more than two thirds of human body weight, and without water, we would die in a few days. This means that the type of water you intake also determines your health and body functioning.

Health risks may arise from consumption of raw water which might be contaminated with infectious agents, toxic chemicals, and radiological hazards. Many hazardous and general diseases occur due to inadequate and impure water intake.

Consuming Blue Mount Alkaline RO water can result in tangible improvements to health to many folds. Our water helps you be more energetic, healthier and better hydrated. It can prevent headaches and cancerous cells and help maintain a healthy heart.

Weight loss

Drink more to lose more

Drinking 500 ml of Blue Mount purified water 30 minutes before each meal can assist in weight loss. When combined with a hypo caloric diet, pre-meal water consumption leads to greater weight loss than a hypo caloric diet alone.

Drinking our water can benefit in:

  • An approximately 2 kg greater weight loss over 12 weeks
  • A 44% higher rate of weight loss.
  • it doesn't contains liquid calories just essential minerals
  • Increases the thermogenesis and caloric expenditure within 60 minutes of drinking.
  • may improve cell efficiency and increase fat metabolism
  • Increase satiety.


Boosts mental and physical growth

In growing and school children, mild dehydration and lack of minerals in water produces changes in a number of important aspects of cognitive function, such as concentration, alertness, short-term memory, perceptual discrimination, arithmetic ability, vasomotor tracking, visual attention tasks and psychomotor skills.

Blue Mount water has the much needed minerals which assist in overall health and helps the child to perform better in mental and physical activities.

Give your child a bottle filled with Blue Mount Alkaline RO water in lunchboxes and also encourage him/her to sip fluids at regular intervals throughout the day.


For radiant skin, inside and out like our own karishma kapoor

Skin is comprised of approximately 60% water, a good reason to associate water intake with the health of your skin. Without adequate water intake, skin appears duller, has wrinkles and pores more prominent. The water intake and its quality determine the look, feel and health of one's skin.

Though skin dryness is also associated with exposure to dry air, prolonged contact with hot water and scrubbing with soap, medical conditions and medications. With increased Blue Mount water intake, particularly in individuals with low initial water intake, can improve skin thickness and density.

So wash your face and drink plenty of Blue Mount Alkaline RO water which is richer in oxygen and other minerals to improve softness, smoothness and skin-moisturizing.

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Sabse Pure. Sabse Healthy.

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